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16 Year Old
17 Year Old / Adult
Corporate Training


I just finished my last lesson today, with instructor Bob Goble, and it was perhaps the best experience I've ever had! First of all, the front desk people were the sweetest people I've ever talked with. I was easily able to set up my lessons within a strict deadline. As ...
Valerie S.
Bob G. really came in big today. Didn't get my permit with fair lawn driving school, and had my drivers test with some test vehicle troubles and absolute last minute bob told me he could pick me up in 15 minutes to practice before the test and without the 10 ...
Doug O.
This school is a very good driving school and teaches you all the basics of driving in a very easy way. Steve Leome is a great teacher and he cant put it any easier for you. I definitely recommend coming here, so that you can learn the basics of driving.
Donean G.
Excellent! Everyone who works there is wonderful, knowledgeable and helpful. I thought I'd save a few dollars and take my son to a different school - had one lesson there and i nicely asked for my money back and came to Fair Lawn Driving School, where I should ...
Cindy R.
My daughter had a great experience. Her instructor George was very calm and knowledgable. He was able to teach her the basics while creating an enjoyable environment. I would definitely recommend this school.
Amy T.
My instructor Fred DeRisi was so amazing! Not only he's warm and nice, he's great at getting you perfectly ready for the test. I just had my road test today and passed with my first try. It was everything he told me to expect! The school is also very helpful ...
E. M.
I've never driven before I got in the car with Bob Goble, and when I first got in the car I was very nervous and did nothing right but Bob was patient and helped me through everything. Very supportive. Friendly. He did an amazing job teaching me and he's the ...
Jade A.
Took the road test service they offer...My instructor was amazing... Very calm and informative..I would definitely recommend..Very professional and on time...
Matt L.
My son Brandon just completed his 6hr mandated driving classes. Everyone at the school was extremely friendly and accommodative with scheduling. His instructor, George was absolutely awesome...calm, knowledgeable and made my son feel completely at ease. Thank you and would definitely recommend the school.
Mark S.
I would highly recommend Fair Lawn Driving School for behind the wheel training. I have used FLDS for three out of four of my children and plan to use them for my last child this fall. I tried another driving school since my one child wanted to use ...
Mary C.