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Corporate Driver Training

Fair Lawn Driving School has been working with companies for over 40 years to help reduce their risk of collisions. We have found that many of our companies experience a reduction of approximately 25% in collisions in just the first year of implementing a driver safety program with our company. Let us help you by designing a custom driver safety training program for your company today. Call us for more information and pricing at 201.797.0104.

Areas of driver training currently offered by our school:

Driver Evaluation: This is a one to one on the road driver training with an experienced instructor. The driver is taken on the road where he is instructed, corrected and evaluated on his or her driving skills. The emphasis is put on good driving procedures and habits that are essential to ensure increased safety and fewer motor vehicle collisions.

Driving Skills: The employee learns the skills needed to maneuver a vehicle throughout closed course range exercises. This training is used to improve the employee’s judgment and to help reduce incidents of fixed object collisions.

Psychophysical Testing: The driver’s physical limitations are tested so we have a better understanding of how we can help them improve their driving and spot potential problem areas before they cause collisions. This testing includes reaction time, depth perception, peripheral vision, color recognition, domino eye testing, and the administration of an eye test.

Classroom Classes: Rather than provide a “one-size-fits-all” approach to classroom instruction our company provides defensive driving  instruction that is customized to address problems unique to your company’s drivers and vehicles.